Sharing Economy Makes A Luxury Lifestyle Accessible

It’s still called the “new” economy but it’s the truth is the sharing economy is not so new anymore.

Statistics indicate,  that caters to those with luxury tastes, that 37% of affluent consumers and 60% of those classified as wealthy have now “shared” their assets and an even higher number choose sharing as an option over owning.

The result: luxury items are now available for those can’t afford to enjoy them and even those who can afford the purchase but do not want the responsibilities that often come with ownership.

Ready to dip your toe into the world of luxe?

Try some of these options:

1. Own the yacht lifestyle, not the yacht

Boat ownership requires (obviously) an initial financial outlay but the costs don’t end there. Maintenance, dockage, fuel, cleaning, upgrades and crew can create a serious barrier to ownership.

Not to mention, that a certain boating knowledge is required. Enter boating sharing. Boat sharing has transformed the multi-billion dollar marine industry by allowing boat owners to hang on to the boats they love (because the income generated from sharing offsets the costs) and now anyone can go boating!

Boat sharing with leading companies like Boatsetter have a large network of captains so truly no experience is needed to rent a private yacht and set sail for a day of adventure at sea.

2. Designer clothing made for the rich, famous and you

The top designers are featured and rentals option range from a week to an unlimited “subscription” at Rent the Runway, the sharing industry’s answer to: “I have absolutely nothing to wear!”

Touting itself as a fashion company with a technology soul, the Rent the Runway product makes Haute Couture accessible and affordable, whether it’s for your own wedding day or the biggest party of the year!

3. Not only the ultra rich have personal assistants

Who couldn’t use an extra set of hands once in awhile. The sharing economy has paved the way for anyone to enjoy a little helping hand now and again for everything from handyman tasks, errands, deliveries, moving or even, furniture assembly!

Startups like TaskRabbit are now an option when you need some extra help.

4. Private jets, now boarding for all.

Of course owning your very own private jet is not cheap and, even if can afford it, maybe it’s just not an investment you want to make. The sharing economy has an option for you with the rise of startups like Jetsmarter.

Sharing a private jet and many other pricing models make flying privately (or semi-privately) a more accessible experience for those seeking a true luxury flying experience.

5. Stay in the lap of luxury.

Now you can stay in handpicked luxury homes when you travel that offer an experience unto themselves. Startups like One Fine Stay are bringing travelers into the best abodes in cities like Paris, Rome, Los Angeles and New York, among others.

Sharing has opened a whole new slice of our economy and living the luxury life is easier than ever…even if it’s just for one day!

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